Access Control

In this day and age access control systems are a valuable way of controlling and monitoring your premises. There are a large variety of systems we install and maintain from key fob access, swipe card, key code an even biometric (fingerprint) systems.

All these systems can be either standalone or pc based and be integrated with door entry systems.

Access systems can be easily personalised depending on how the customer requires even for the use of a time clock for employees so you can keep an eye on when your workers start and finish work.

Door Entry Systems

We specialise in all types of door entry systems from multi systems in flats to single systems in office blocks, audio systems and advanced video systems.

Door entry systems are an essential part of your security meaning you only allowing people you want, to access your property. All systems can be fully integrated with access control systems and also CCTV systems. All systems are available from top end brass stations with built in cameras to basic single button systems all can be installed in your home or workplace. We use all major brands for installations which enhance performance and installed to suit your every needs.

If you would like any information on any of our access control and door entry systems or a repair to an existing system please contact us.