CCTV Cameras

ACD Systems (Scotland) Ltd are a local professional company with over 15 years experience in the installation and repair of all CCTV camera systems from small systems consisting of one camera outside a residential house to deter any intruders to sophisticated multi camera systems in schools and shopping centres etc. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality equipment do not be fooled by cheap camera systems offered by others, in the world of camera systems you only get what you pay for.

Important Facts

CCTV has been successful in playing a part in convicting criminals for theft and vandalism providing important evidence in the prosecution of offenders.

We will come to your house or place of work and give you a no obligation quote using information from yourself in designing a system to suit your needs so if you are interested in protecting your premises with a CCTV system then contact us or call us onĀ 01555 751662 or 07731505036.

Are you having problems with your neighbours?

We are now offering our customers the chance of hiring CCTV equipment for temporary surveillance of your property for a maximum 4 week period. We will come and fit a camera at your property then once the hire period is over will simply come and remove it, hopefully solving your problem!

All you require is a capable PC where we can plug our camera into then away you go. Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for more information.